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Damn Time if Month! *shakes fist*

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Its the time of month where I wish I was a male...rather then a female. It doesn't seem fair that we go through the menstration crap and they don't, they only get to deal with out irregular mood swings and groaning from the pain inside of stomachs...which sometimes feels like a fist grabbing and twisting your uterus in the most, unpleasent way. *twitches a bit* I can't even imagine what it might feel like to have a child...and am once again seeing the adoption option as a glowing, beautiful halo on the future horizion.

...and now I'm munching on cheez-its like there's no tomorrow...at least they're crackers, and cheeseish! Woot!

Today has been an extremely emotionally confusing day...waking up extremely happy, crashing down into tears after a bad conversation with my sister, flowing momentarily with anger before dropping into apathy...and then walking blindly in the drizzle...then returning and becoming happy once again, only to talk and get all sentimental...and sensitive...then to annoyance, and now...blaaah. I feel like a gigantic mess of human.
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