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Vive le stranger who stole the breath from the air

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I saw him today, a young man with wild hair and a reckless attitude that stole the breath right out of the air, and straight from my lungs. My hazel eyes, golden in the day light couldn't tare away from his flowing brown curls and tan trench coat that flapped in the wind, making him look like some man ready to take on the world, to burst into the building with a presence that would make everyone speechless. He amazed me...and I couldn't hold the door for him, or meet his eye...and now it makes me feel somewhat foolish, that I might have held the door and at least smiled, and said, "Good afternoon." To this most fascinating fellow, but nothing was even mumbled, we pretended not to see one another after we had...

Sometimes you just can erase the image of someone from your mind. I'm still caring around a moment of a guy I watched above from the campus in Vermont...he was with a girl, they went to a table and sat...finished eating and left...but I remember everything about him...from apperance to the attitude he gave off. Never knew his name, he never saw me...but for some reason that memory is always so close to my heart. I know someday he'll play a part in one of my stories...Someday.
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