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Something to smile about.

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And so the other day began fairly decent, with the chest welling results of perfect contact prints, and the knowledge that I and my friends would be able to return to the blackroom, able to perform this breath taking procedure that works like a miracle. So we departed our separate ways, except of course, for Tracy, Laurie and I...so we headed to the Union to eat, all dressed as Hippies (though for Laurie is was more of a Gothic look them Hippie, she continually, and daily dresses in black.) We parted, she discovered old friends and my stomach discovered it didn't feel like waiting another hour before indulging in some sort of meal, especially since there would be no chance once 2:00 rolled around with a full two and a half hours of Drawing II and tedious, dedicated work.

Grabbed one of those maroon trays, I slipped over to the deli already making mental decisions about the hummas wrap that was coming. And then a gentle came up beside me, starled me. I looked up and he stared at me and gave me one of the most friendly smiles I've ever recieved from a stranger. "Hello." I returned it with a smile and a hello, and then turned my attention back to the order. He knealt downward, getting a good glimpse at what I was ordering.

"Man, that looks good." I replied in a soft, shy agreement. "Well, this lady here turned me on to wraps, so..." Then he proceeded to order as I released a delighted laugh at the quite amusing, but somehow sweet statement. Giving him one last smiling glance, which he didn't see, I abandoned the line and went to get a drink.

Chances are I won't see this charismatic gentleman again...but that doesn't matter to me. Whether his antics were flirty or just merely friendly, and nothing to read into. A stranger made me smile that day and feel better about myself, even though he didn't offer to sit with me afterwards. Sometimes just a smile and a hello, coupled by laughter can make any girl or guy feel not only attractive, but worth talking to.
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